I had a conversation with a friend the other day. She is a friend who I had not spoken to or seen in years. I cannot remember the last time we spoke; it must have been around twenty five years ago or longer. Valerie.

What I first noticed was her voice. Over the years her voice had changed, the quarter dropped quickly, duh! Of course it changed.

As our conversation unfolded, we talked about simple things, life things. Nothing fancy just everyday life stuff, stuff that is important and not so important. I noticed she still had her old humor. I also noticed that I was speaking to a woman, as sharp as ever, capable of listening, open to inviting an old friend into her life in that moment for a conversation.

We succeeded in not only reaching over a small country, a vast ocean and another larger country to connect on the telephone. We also managed to reach over a distance of more than twenty five years and connect in conversation. In spite of geography and time we had the liberty to speak honestly and from our hearts.

I noticed that she is still my friend. I noticed that it took no effort to start this conversation. It took intention and invitation. We were able to connect the past with the present and open a door for the future.

This is is the route that conversation takes. In conversation we include the past as we stand in the present and look toward the future. Conversation has no borders and can be invited and even laid to rest. It can be laid to rest until you choose to pick it up again or not.

Conversation is a metaphor reflecting life.  A place where everything and anything can happen plus we own the skills to temper and tune it. Like a dance weaving in and out of each other’s experiences.

We dance this dance as we build relationships and as relationships fall down, that part of the conversation stops but it remains a part of our journey.

The conversation begins in the heart and flows through our veins. A conversation can be had with self, other, others and the world. The bonus is that when each and every one of us recognize our splendid uniqueness we have the power to create everything imaginable and unimaginable through conversation.

A conversation does not always use words and thrives on intention.

Thank you Valerie.

Theresa Norris, CPCC

Photo by Theresa Norris

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