Oh Moon (poem)

IMG_0534There you are again

A sliver of your glistening face hung in the heavens last night.

Welcome back!

Oh moon! You, so high up in the sky!

If I could, I would jump up and touch you

But I would only fall back to the earth in a joyful heap.

I can construct a new tower of Babel

But no matter how much I try I cannot reach you!

Drunk on moonshine I have danced in your glow.

I use my feet as wings to get closer to you.

I fail. Yet you, in your magnificence

touch my heart and extract my every passion.

Little brother of sister sun! So you were called by the ancient Cherokee.

You are the brightest object in the sky next to the sun.

Without contest you rein as the brightest light in my world at night!

You remind me that it is time to close my life for the day!

You are my astral grandfather clock without chimes.

I wish you could whisper in my ear and tell me the secrets

Of all that you have witnessed during the great arc of your life.

How much stardust has landed on your skin?

What magic do you share with wolves?

Oh moon! You master of paradox, do you ever tire?

You remain the earth’s divine sentinel

You illuminate the night on the other side of the world.

Master of paradox and puppeteer!

With invisible ropes tied to salty ocean water you drag in the tide

And then push it back to shore again! You never tire…

You make my love’s face more beautiful than ever

when you magnify her beauty by caressing her face.

You traverse to dark crevices where ‘angels fear to tread’.

How grateful I am that you light my path on so many dark nights.


Theresa Norris CPCC www.norriscoaching.com

Photo by Theresa Norris

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