Letting go


Whenever there is pain of any kind–the pain of aggression, grieving, loss, irritation, resentment, jealousy, indigestion, physical pain–if you really look into that, you can find out for yourself that behind the pain there is always something we are attached to. There is always something we’re holding on to…

…After a while it seems like almost every moment of your life you’re there, at a point where you realize you actually have a choice. You have a choice whether to open or close, whether to hold on or let go, whether to harden or soften… –  Pema Chodron

See what happens when you let go:

Let go of expectation – enjoy the moment of surprise.

Let go of trying too hard – see what happen when you release the pressure.

Let go of perfection;

Perfection to be the perfect leader

Perfection to be the perfect mother

To be the perfect father

The perfect child

Perfection to be the perfect weight

The perfect meditator

Let go of your control

Let go of worry

Let go of the need to be right – give yourself the gift of being wrong.

Let go of not getting it right

Let go fear in its many forms;

Fear of rejection

Fear of loss

Fear of failure

Fear of the future

Fear of being left behind.

Let go of your inability to let go.

Then look at yourself. Who is left after letting so much go? Who is standing there? What do you look like now?

Letting go does not mean that you are giving up or are annihilating things. In fact it means that you are clearing a space for your own freedom to enter the equation. Your own creativity and that of others. From this point forward construction loses its hard edge and natural process may begin.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

“When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” – The Tao of Leadership

Theresa Norris, CPCC http://www.norriscoaching.com

Photo by Theresa Norris



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