The Dark Horse

Dark horse, someone who emerges to prominence; is previously little known. Meriam WebsterDictionary

The dark horse is often seen as something negative and shadow like. I see it as a metaphor for inviting hidden brilliance.

Whether we are conscious of it or not at one time or another we have all experienced what it is to be the dark horse.

The dark horse when not recognized is tyrannical and restless. It shows up at times in our lives when we chose to stay vague, even small. Grudgingly and silent we accept being invisible until the moment when we decide to move forward and break free of our limiting beliefs.

The moment when we identify and accept our limiting beliefs for what they really are happens when we turn our focus inward, inward toward our heart.

When we decide that we love ourselves so much that we are willing to take our own hand and guide ourselves toward that spark of light that we have been afraid of, the spark that we always admire in others. That light that we recognize is nothing more than a glimpse of our bigger selves. It is our greatness, the greatness that invites us to emerge toward our prominence. When we become prominent we become visible, no longer settling for obscurity.

It takes courage to step out of obscurity. What holds us back is fear; the fear lies in being seen. Fear also lies in the dread of  failing if you dare try. When you emerge from the shadow, no doubt you will be seen. You will be recognized. It is so much easier to look at life from behind a curtain. To stay uninvolved only to keep your voice to yourself. It is so much safer to fantasize about what it is like to be involved rather than to be involved.

When we only the dream of walking in the rain we never get wet. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with dreaming and the dream of the dark horse has breath, a body and legs to walk or run into your chosen future. A living dream has desires that long to be fulfilled. Living dreams get you on airplanes and take you to places that you always hoped you would go to.The added bonus is that living dreams have a voice, your voice.

A “dark horse” is someone whose abilities, plans or feelings are a mystery to others. He is an individual whom people know little or nothing about. ~ S. Upendran

Mystery is a beautiful thing especially when unraveled.

Oh! The Places You’ll Go! ~Dr. Seuss

Theresa Norris, CPCC

Photo of Jack by Jacky Voncken



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