My Sister

tree reflectionMy Sister
The cold beach under a weeping sky
Children collecting sea-shells in the distance.
You float into my mind; my sister.
I remember the day you left
I hear the song playing on portable a cd player.
Lynard Skynard’s “Free Bird” sung by Wynona Judd.
“If I leave here tomorrow,
Would you still remember me?”
The song must have played more than a hundred times that week.
The lyrics are permanently tattooed on my heart,
by angels kisses.
I promise I will never forget you.
My brave sister
You could have been anyone’s sister
Today you are mine.
“There’s too many places I’ve got to see”
Like a slow alarm pounding against my soul.
Warning me that soon you would go.
The chords loop around the room
Tying our family together for safety.
binding us together.
Creating a raft that we could float on.
So we will be protected as one whole.
Bracing us for your flight.
“I’m as free as a bird now”
Where did my breath go?
Where did you go?
There is no sound in the room.
The heavens part.
Mom’s heart breaks open
I looked up to the sky my whole body screams!
Though nothing comes out of my mouth.
Feeling the wet sand under my feet.
The rain has stopped.
There is a crack opening in the clouds
The sun shines through
God winks and smiles,
“bye, bye, its been a sweet love.”

Theresa Norris CPCC,
Photo Theresa Norris

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