Soundscapes – Listen! This Is Where you Get To Meet You


Definition of soundscapes – Sounds you hear in a particular location, considered as a whole.

What are your personal soundscapes like?

Listening to our soundscapes require consciousness. Consciousness simply means being awake and being aware of your surroundings.

What do the sounds around you tell you about yourself and the world around you?

What is it like when you wake up in the morning? Simply listen to what sounds are present in the silence around you.

Before you jump out of bed just listen. What do you hear? Do you hear your breath? Do you hear familiar noises in your home?

Listen to the sounds around you. The sounds you make.

Listen to the tones in the sounds and the impact those sounds have on you and those around you and on the space around you.

What comes out of your mouth when you speak? What is it like when you direct your voice to a place where you want it to travel to? What happens when you are conscious of the impact you want to make?

What is it like to have a voice?

This is your playground!

It is an exciting idea to turn our attention from outside of ourselves and direct our attention inward.

What is going on inside of you?

What is there?

What is here?

It is here at this moment when you sit in a meditative position, when you lie down on your back close your eyes and scan your body. It is here when you go for a walk whether it is with a friend or alone. It is here when you are in a business meeting, a party or with a group of friends. In fact it is a constant and non static part of you.

It is born out of silence.

It requires the art listening.

It is the precursor to creativity.

It is your internal soundscape.

We are always continuously doing. No worries there is nothing wrong in doing and we do not always pay attention to our internal voice.

We hear our internal noise, how can we not?

We hear the chatter and the din.

When the din subsides what are our internal soundscapes like?

Is it a voice?

Is it a feeling?

Is it coming from our mind, our heart or our gut?

Now move closer what do you hear?

(It helps when you breathe.)

What you hear is a combination of the sounds of the environment blending with your inner voice.

What do you make of that inner voice? What impact is it having on you? What wants to happen?

Stop and just listen….

Listen to the intelligence that you were born with. This is your ear to the ground the place where signs and signals guide you on your journey.

From here you can put ink to paper, paint filled brush to canvas, turn the ignition to a car, raise a child, lead a meeting, guide breath to your lungs and conduct that orchestra of the life that you are living.


This is the place where you get to meet you!

Theresa Norris CPCC

Photo Theresa Norris –

The Ear of Syonisis in Sicliy 

The Ear of Dionysius was most likely formed out of an old limestone quarry. It is 23 metres high and extends 65 metres back into the cliff. Horizontally, it bends in an approximate “S” shape, vertically it is tapered at the top like a teardrop. Because of its shape the Ear has extremely good acoustics, making even a small sound resonate throughout the cave. *Wikipedia

top pic – inside

bottom pic – outside

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