Brother in Law


Brother in law.

Dark skin with a hint of gold

a touch of red.

Black hair.

I see you playing your guitar.

A cigarette in one hand a beer in the other, ‘multi tasking.’

Always a laugh and a playful comment

Not far from rhythm.

You are a loyal friend of friends.

A father of Sons

you are a husband.

Wild blood flows through your veins.

You left the bush but the bush did not leave you.

You were never separate from the earth.

I see a wolf a bear the trees and fire.

I see you

not separate.

Ancient Grandfathers dance in your blood

Grandmothers are your soul

You are not separate

You are pure nature

water and the smoke of burning sage.

You are the story we call nature

You never left.

‘It just wasn’t possible.’

Look toward the sunset

the time is near.

Go when you are ready.

You don’t have to say good-bye,

you will wink and say ‘Tansi!’ – See you later and hello.

Your ancient language is the key,

the doorway to a place where your soul illuminates.

Brother in law!

Give all of our brothers, sisters, our Mothers and Fathers greetings and hugs

when you get there.

Hey look!

Look at the singers singing

banging their drums

The song of the sky

A love song

A life song


drums, divining your soul from your body.

Standing behind them are our elders

Our chiefs.

And millions like you

like me

dark skin with a hint of gold

a touch of red.

Black hair.

Creating one body

A whole

Not separate

They are waiting for you

standing on the horizon.

Bathed by the setting sun.

Follow the sun

it will lead you home.

©Theresa Norris 2014

For Sebastian, Joseph and Henry

Photo by Theresa Norris

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